Empower by Design is a collaborative group for women in business. It’s about creating a community that helps brings fresh perspectives, lively discussion and empowering ideas to your business challenges through education, exercises and exchange.

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Facilitated by DeAnn, a graphic designer and online marketer, and Kristi, an internet strategist and business systems developer, the LIVE sessions happen each month in Vancouver, BC, Canada and also the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. Both these women bring a wealth of professional experience and insights to help you simplify the overwhelming amount of technical, marketing, systems and branding information out there, so you can move forward confidently and make your business thrive (and still have FUN with it)!

Whether you’re looking for new ways to promote your business, wondering how best to use social media and blogging, curious to get feedback on a new product or service idea, or just looking to connect with like-minded women for business support, this group is for you!

Each month we’ll present a business-related session that may feature a guest speaker, and often take you through practices and exercises that will see you leave at the end of the night with clear movement forward in your business. In between our regular monthly live events, we’ll also offer social events where the goal is about having FUN and expanding your network of amazing, positive, successful business women in your life!

Here’s what people are saying about the live events…

“Impressively concise, informative and experiential to really put into practice what I need to do to brand my service. The material presented was given so that each of us was able to receive it and participate at the level we needed to make changes. Thank you DeAnn and Kristi for all the effort, skill and heart connection you bring to us so that we can grow personally and professionally.”

“It was very informative. The ladies really knew their stuff and while they kept us on track they were also great about answering all of our questions.”

“This was a great meetup – the facilitators were awesome – they worked very well together, complimenting each other. I loved the handouts and the meditations as well as the breakout groups. There was a nice mix of listening and actively working on our own branding ideas.”

“DeAnn and Kristi are very talented and creative women who will help a lot of conscious minded women soar with their business strategies.”

“This group fulfills both my desire to educate myself in business areas outside of my profession and meet like-minded women.”

“Great presentation. DeAnn and Kristi have the right mix of professionalism, enthusiasm and openness. Lots of good material. Enjoyed it thoroughly!”

“You treat us with silk gloves and I treasure the ability that you have to make us feel capable wherever we are right now, and show us possibilities.”

“A wonderful tool for women in business! Thank you!”

“You gals are always so knowledgeable and giving…Thank you again!”

You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
— Indira Ghandi