At our last Empower By Design Meetup event, author, speaker and Certified Law of Attraction Trainer & Success Coach Dana J. Smithers shared her ‘7 Step Law of Attraction Process for Manifesting in Business’. Dana was wonderful — honest, wise, humourous and willing to share her personal experiences.

In three years, Dana went from being broke to creating a business that earned her a six-figure income. Using principles of the Law of Attraction, Dana made a decision to turn her life around with intention. Below are some of my notes from her talk…

7 Step Law of Attraction Process for Manifesting In Business

1) Know What You Want

Get clear on what you really want. Keep narrowing it down until you absolutely know what you want to attract. This is a good time to enlist a business mentor or wise colleague to ask you the tough questions that will help you get 100% clear on the success you want to attract.

2) Believe It

Once you’re clear on what you want, you have to truly believe the wheels are in motion and it’s on it’s way to you. Don’t drop the ball here — even if it’s a big ask or dream, you have to believe in it at your core or the energy will flag. Keep reminding yourself that you’re 100% clear on you want, you put it out there and the universe is working in your favour to make it happen.

3) See It

Envision yourself having what you want. Get creative — vision boards are perfect for this part! Set aside an afternoon with a group of friends, a big stack of magazines and some art supplies to create a poster you can hang in your office and look at every day. Or create a digital vision board on Pinterest or other online apps, such as Dream It Alive or Vision Board Deluxe on iTunes.

“Creative visualization is real. It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes.”

— Harvard Medical School

4) Allow It

This is the tricky part since we think because we Know What We Want, Believe It and See It, we’ll automatically allow it but that’s not always the case. Ask yourself how willing you are to accept the success you’ve asked for. Are there any hidden reasons or past patterns that might actually block your success? Acknowledge it and then let it go. Be willing to not have it all figured out before you’ll allow it. As the saying goes, ‘get out of your own way’.

5) Take Action

Give your dream some help: watch for clues or small signs you can act on, like someone mentioning a contact or an event you should attend. The universe loves movement and action, so keep it going.

6) Receive It

When you manifest what you asked for, RECEIVE it. Similar to allowing, be receptive and don’t just take it for granted when the success you asked for shows up. Take it in and experience the happiness and gratitude you feel in receiving what you asked for.

7) Achieve It

You did it! You’ve achieved what you asked for, now celebrate! Celebrate in a way that creates a higher level of energy so you let the universe know this is exactly what you want more of.

For more on Dana’s work and courses, visit her site Empowered Women In Business by clicking here.


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