The other day as I was driving, I saw this van advertising moving services at $35 per hour and I thought, “Wow, I wouldn’t hire them or pay that amount based on the look of the signage.” You probably agree with me and think this is an extreme example of a ‘small business’ (I use that term loosely) doing a poor job of ‘advertising’ (again, I use that term loosely in this instance). However, so many times I see solopreneurs and small businesses that pay little attention to the look and feel of their marketing materials, and then wonder why they’re not attracting the type of clients they want. Or, on the other side of the spectrum (as the previous post describes), are the people who pay a lot of attention to their marketing material, but are only thinking of themselves rather than their audience.

Looking at the van’s signage, I thought how easily it could be 100 times better with just some simple, inexpensive steps. Imagine if they’d used crisp vinyl lettering instead…at least it would be bolder and easier to read. Or if they invested in some magnetic signs from a print shop to go on the sides and back of the van. Now, imagine if they had an actual name and logo for their moving/delivery service and it was professionally painted on in colour. Would you be more likely to hire them? You bet. Are they more likely to attract new clients and make more money? Absolutely.

For starters, it would look like they really cared about what they were doing. And because they put the care into their marketing, you’d get a sense that they would care about you as their customer. That’s a pretty powerful first step to creating a good business relationship based on some simple improvements.

This may seem like an over-simplified example — more laziness than a lack of creativity — but take a look around and notice how many businesses aren’t putting enough creativity into their marketing and how many new customers they may be losing because of that. In your own business, look at where you can put a little more effort to make something more attractive and compelling to your audience, and show that you really care.

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