Just a quick question for you today… Are you ever too creative in your business?

I know, I know — we’re told that creativity is good and it’s usually something that we are trying to do more of, or even make time for. We know that the world and economy are changing and it is our uniqueness, our story and our creativity that matter even more these days, rather than the ability to do simple, routine tasks and processes.

But here’s the thing — have you ever driven past a sign for a business and not been able to read it? Or seen an ad in a magazine and flipped right past it because it was a little bit more difficult to take in than the others? Or clicked onto a website and then clicked off again quickly because it just wasn’t easy to “get”?

This is part of a much larger conversation on branding, identity and your business as a whole. And yes, creativity is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. I’m using the word “creative” here in a way that many people could argue, and should argue, and it’s to make a particular point…

Maybe it’s about the difference between being creative for your own fulfillment, or using your creativity in the service of others.

For today I just want you to check in and see if your message, whatever it is, is easy for people to get. Or if you’re being so “creative” and self-expressed with the font, the logo, the design, the visual elements, or the communication itself that it takes some extra time to understand for the audience, and therefore isn’t as accessible as you’d like it to be.

Now if you have a business strategy that means people should have to work to understand your communication – to earn it – great. But I’m guessing most of those signs out there that aren’t easy to read or understand aren’t making this choice consciously.

I drove past this sign in Langley and I had absolutely no idea what the name was or what the business itself offers. Maybe I’m not part of their target market. But I guess they’ll never even have the chance to find out.


Do you have any examples to share with us?


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