Thanks to everyone who came out for our last live event of 2011 on December 8th!

We had a great night with guest speakers Rob Stocks from and Jennifer Findlay from Really useful information for starting an eCommerce site or moving to the next level with your existing shopping cart. These two have been through it all — Jen started and runs her own successful online store (from a techphobic beginning!), and Rob has helped hundreds of companies with the same process over the past years. Thanks again you two for a really practical and useful presentation!

We also gave a TON of presents out on December 8th to celebrate everyone — and all of our successes in 2011. Thanks to our many sponsors who donated gifts to our community, plus all of the people who believe in what we are doing and are helping us grow this creative community of empowered business owners!

Special thanks to the following people/organizations:

Jennifer Findlay from Nicole Jane Home – (Soooo many beautiful things…) 

Lynn and Melanie Robinson from The Robinson Group – (Leadership training that will change your life!) 

All the guys at My Pakage – (Have you seen these yet?)

Cynthia Poole from Awakenings and Gifts – (Everything to make your spirit smile!) 

Satyen and Suzanne Raja from The Get A Life Company – (More passion anyone?)

Ashley and the team from Casbah Evolution Skincare and Make-Up Boutique – (Ahhhhhhh….)




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