Have you ever noticed that your business moves in cycles? Much like waves in the ocean or the change of seasons, there are peaks and lulls – times of creation, growth and hard work as well as times of rest and rejuvenation.

As human beings and business owners we are part of that natural cycle of life, whether you like it, choose it or fight against it. So the question for you today is this…

Are you aware of the cycles in your business?

Are you noticing when it feels like you are forcing something to happen, perhaps expending huge amounts of energy but still aren’t moving forward? Are you “stuck” on this setting, where you push hard but never give yourself time to rejuvenate and create space for new ideas/thoughts/insights? It doesn’t work in nature, and it definitely doesn’t work for us as business owners.

Or are you always in the “flow” of allowing things to grow and evolve as they will, but without a solid force of energy from you intentionally moving in a specific direction?

I believe that the more you know yourself and are aware of these cycles around (and within) you, the better you are able to move forward in your business with grace and ease. Finding that ever-changing balance between pushing and allowing, continually playing at that edge allows you to surf those waves, rather than drown in them.

Want to go deeper?

1. Set up a daily awareness practice of some kind if you don’t already have one, and include at least a few minutes where you quiet your mind and get in touch with yourself. (And if you already have a practice, here’s your reminder to change, remove or add something to keep it fresh and alive for you!)

2. Join a group of business owners that meet regularly over time (like our community at Empower By Design) so that you have a mirror to see yourself with on an ongoing basis.

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