I was recently in a little restaurant in Ballard, WA – the KISS Cafe. A friend took me there saying that he’d only been once, but it was good. And he mumbled something about pickles.

We all ordered sandwiches and soup. Noticed that instead of napkins there were bandanas on the table with the cutlery, a nice touch in this age of throw away everything. It felt like a place that no matter who you were or what you were wearing, you could come in and be greeted like family. And bring your dog too!

The server brought us our coffees and put something else on the table as well – the jar of kosher dills above. And so while we enjoyed the fresh sandwiches, soup and friendly service, we helped ourselves to the kosher dill pickles.

They were great. And we could have as many as we wanted. And for some reason, that small offering made a difference.

So, what are you doing in your business that’s memorable and unexpected? That goes a bit above and beyond, or gives someone something to remember or better yet, to talk about?

In a world where there is choice of every kind, something as simple as a jar of great pickles can go a long way in having people remember you — and come back for more.


Wanna check out the KISS Cafe?


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