As we all can see, the world is changing. The days where you and/or your partner work 9 to 5 at a secure and stable job your entire lives, then retire with a gold watch are long gone. Financial systems, health care, governments and the economy are all in some ways crumbling.

Yet within this turbulent time there are hundreds, thousands, if not millions of individuals and organizations stepping up to play their part in the creation of a world that is more sustainable and founded on more conscious and collective decision making. It is a time where evolutionary business leaders are needed more than ever before – and YOUR message needs to reach your audience.

Whether you are helping people with a service that leads to better choices, offering a product that helps the earth, educating others so that they can move forward on their own internal journey or simply being an example of evolutionary business at work, you are a part of this collective momentum.

Empower By Design was created by two successful business women, each with a wealth of experience in all things online, to support you in becoming an even bigger part of this overall movement. Over the past two decades, they’ve each seen small business owners with amazing products and services flounder because of the lack of a solid and committed team to help them with all aspects of their online identity, presence and promotion.

Now Empower By Design is the first choice for small to medium evolutionary business owners as that go-to team. And the Empower By Design community is a rich resource of other empowered business owners, each making a difference in their own way.

Although you can begin to get to know us through one-off projects like product launches, social media setup and strategy, marketing campaigns, branding and identity creation, and blog or website design and development, we prefer to become part of your team in an ongoing way. The advantage of having us support you and your business not only with the strategy of both your short and long term plan, but also the creation and execution of all steps of the plan is immeasurable. And so empowering for you and your business!

We’d love to talk to you, and see how we can help.


DeAnn Bremner
graphic design | brand strategy | online marketing
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Kristi Joba
online marketing | strategic messaging | implementation management
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Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.
— Tim Berners-Lee